Chapter 1 – Auto insurance basics
What are you covered for? Commercial auto insurance policies cover a driver while they’re using their own car for work-related activities. If you own a business, you need commercial auto insurance. However, what if your employees are driving their personal cars to get to and from work – do they still need coverage? The answer depends on how your employees travel to and from work in relation to each other: Are they driving together as a group or independently of one another throughout their day?

Chapter 2 – Businesses with vehicles
Commercial auto insurance can protect your business when an employee gets into a car accident on a business trip or drives to make sales calls. All States require that commercial auto insurance be carried in order to legally operate a vehicle. It’s important to understand some of the details so you don’t get stuck with paying out-of-pocket when an accident occurs on company time.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Chapter 3 – How do I buy business auto insurance?
One of the most important factors in buying business auto insurance is whether or not you own or lease your vehicles. If you own your vehicles, that means you bought them outright and thus have full ownership of them, with all of their costs and benefits. If you lease a vehicle, that means you pay for it over time through payments to a leasing company and aren’t responsible for its repairs in case of an accident—but must follow strict rules when driving it.

Chapter 4 – Tips to make buying business auto insurance easier
What is commercial auto insurance and why do I need it? Commercial auto insurance helps cover your business vehicles, so you won’t have to worry about liability costs if someone crashes into your vehicle or causes property damage.

Chapter 5 – Understanding your policy coverage
Commercial auto insurance protects your company from losses that may result from incidents involving your employees or business’ vehicles. It offers a wide range of protection, such as: Property Damage Liability (PDL) — This coverage compensates others for property damage caused by an accident involving one of your vehicles. Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) — In case someone is injured in an accident caused by one of your drivers, you can be held liable for damages up to a limit established in your policy.

Chapter 6 – Is it time for a new quote?
If your quote just expired and you’re in need of a new one, use these tips to help you find an affordable insurance policy. This chapter will explain what to look for when searching for a commercial auto insurance quote and how to evaluate your options. After reading through it, you’ll be ready to get an excellent deal on your new policy! Learn more about Commercial Auto Insurance 24/7 instantly. Click here.

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