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We all love our vehicles.  Owning the correct Auto Insurance in Chico Ca makes a lot of sense.  We all need coverage that meets our particular needs and an affordable policy that you are comfortable having is my top priority. 

I’m your local insurance broker at Michael Snow Insurance Agency, and I work with individuals and families in Chico, CA. I give my customers  information they need to select the best auto insurance that protect their vehicles and assets.

Let’s have a talk about your options. The first step is to listen to you and help you design a great auto insurance policy.  Next, we can figure out your options on price and coverages. Lastly, you can finalize your choice among multiple insurance companies. 

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Auto Insurance in Gridley Ca

Get an auto quote today! We enjoy working with people to help them with great Auto Insurance in Chico Ca

Auto Insurance in Chico Ca Coverages 


It is most known by “other than collision,” the coverage is about helping to pay for damages that are not caused by collision. The notable list include vandalism, theft, weather events and accidents that happen involving animals. 


This coverage can takes effect no matter who’s at fault. A collision means the vehicle got hit by another vehicle or object, like a tree or mailbox.  

Uninsured motorist

If someone uninsured or underinsured who drives that causes an accident that results in property damage and/or bodily injury, the person who chooses this coverage called “uninsured motorist coverage” may receive help to pay for damage and medical costs for you and your passengers.

Bodily injury liability

If you get into an auto accident and it results injuries, then bodily injury coverage protects you by paying the expenses for the damages you may be liable for legally as a result of the accident. This can include medical bills and loss of income to the hurt party.

Michael Snow Insurance Agency will help you find the right Auto Insurance in Chico CaCa

classic insurance

Classic car owner? 

We have protection designed just for you. Check it out. And get a quote.

Additional classic car coverages and benefits

You can also get specialized coverage for:
  • Automobilia
  • Automotive tools
  • Spare parts ($750 included at no charge, $0 deductible)
  • Vehicle Under Construction (endorsement)
  • Traveling Collector (endorsement)

Why Having Car Insurance is Important?

Car insurance is legally required in most states. Suppose you are at fault in a traffic accident. In that case, your auto liability coverage helps pay for insurance claims, including the other party’s medical costs and damage to the vehicle or other property because of the collision. Additionally, it assists with paying your legal bills if you have filed a lawsuit following the accident. Car insurance is required in all states except New Hampshire. There, the law will let drivers drive without insurance if they can demonstrate financial responsibility and the ability to pay for an accident if they are found to be at fault. We will examine why it is vital to get a vehicle insurance policy. Consider the following.

  • Financial Protection

If you cause an auto accident, you may indeed be held liable for the resulting expenditures. These could include legal fees, medical spending, and lost wages if the injured party is unable to work due to their injury. Liability insurance may assist cover some of these costs. Without liability insurance, you would very indeed be forced to pay these charges out of pocket.

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Best Tips for Buying Auto Insurance

Most individuals are aware that they may need insurance for the new automobile, but in the pleasure of purchasing one, they may not do as thorough a search as they should. Ignoring this detail may result in financial difficulties practically immediately after you pull off the lot. Waiting to purchase a vehicle until your insurance issues are resolved may save anyone hundreds of dollars since certain cars, such as sports cars, have higher insurance rates. While the payment on a new vehicle may be inexpensive, you must factor in the cost of auto insurance. Consider the following critical things before you buy a good auto Insurance in yuba city ca to safeguard yourself, your car, and your finances:

  • Carry Out Research

Take the time to learn about the options accessible to you, the finest firms to work with, and any special savings or benefits they provide their clients. If you’re already thinking to yourself, “I don’t have time for this,” an independent insurance agent may take care of the details for you. By partnering with an independent expert agency, you may be able to obtain a reduced premium for the insurance you want.

  • Don’t Base Your Decision on Price Alone.

Simply because a business provides you with a low price does not mean you should ensure your vehicle with them. Sift through the terms of your policy to confirm that they correspond to those of your previous vehicle insurance policy and that you are receiving an identical amount of coverage. Examine the agreement’s conditions to ensure that the firm does not compel less expensive aftermarket materials in place of the original manufacturer parts that can pose safety risks.

  • Get Numerous Competitive Quotes

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